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Imagine the scenario, it’s -3˚, two feet of snow and your shore power runs out or becomes disconnected. Your engine heaters stop working, as does the battery charger... and once your battery goes flat, your bilge pumps are out of action too.

  • Imagine if your battery goes flat because the charger develops a fault or trips out.
  • Imagine in the summer you lose your shore power and all the drinks in the fridge warm up!

The consequences of any of the above happening can be catastrophic and every year marinas have stories of boats sinking and engine blocks cracking having frozen.

With the NTA monitoring all your systems, you will at least have some warning and the chance to respond as and when an issue arises. Doing something about it could save you thousands.

For further information or to book a free demonstration please call
07837 207345, 01242 226432 or email greg@nauticaltextalert.co.uk

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